What is Laughter Yoga Leader Training?

It is a unique opportunity for you 2 days to enrich your life with laughter, joy, happiness and positive self-recharge, rejuvenate your strength, improve your health with the healing power of laughs, and get an internationally recognized Laughter Yoga Leader Certificate that will help you to help people and make  money for livelihood! HoHoHaHaHa

This is your long-earned “Laughter Vacation”, a laughter holiday, a source of joy, happiness and strength!

Your life will never be the same as in the past, because laughter, joy, happiness, a positive view of life and great health, vigor will be your everyday life!

As certified laughter yoga leader, you will be able to manage yoga lessons in companies, schools,
universities, community clubs, elderly centers, people with special needs, medical institutions, fitness clubs, yoga centers and people you love, is important in your life!

You can do it, it is your life – say YES to your life, your dreams and great success in your life !!!!!!!!!!

What will you learn?

How to quickly improve your mood with the help of laughter yoga exercises?

How to laughter yoga can improve relationships with your loving people? Spouses, children, friends, parents.

How laughter yoga can improve your health, reduce stress and increase energy?

How can you make money by laughing? 5 ways to make money by doing what you love.


  • How to include more laughter, joy and happiness in your life?
  • How did the idea of laughter yoga start and what is its philosophy?
  • What are the basic principles of managing a laughter yoga lesson?
  • How to manage laughter yoga for different groups (children, young people, seniors and companies)?
  • How to help groups get deeper into joy and inner peace through laughter meditation?
  • How to start and run a successful laughter yoga business and how to advertise your services?
  • How can you earn money by laughing? How can you make money doing what you love?

What is a really happy recipe for life? How to be happy and enthusiastic about every day?

What is the meaning of your life, the special mission of this world?

How does your life look like at the moment? Where are you currently? Where do you want to be? How to get there? Why?

Who is suitable for this training?

This training is suitable for:

  • Everyone who wants to get more laughter in their lives and improve their health, reduce stress in a positive way
  • Management and human resources specialists
  • Psychologists, psychiatrists, social workers, teachers
  • Physiotherapists & ergotherapists, healthcare professionals
  • Elderly care workers
  • Consultants
  • Entertaining for professionals and improvisation for craftsmen
  • Alternative therapists and healers
  • NLP Professionals
  • Yoga and Fitness Teachers
  • Growth Coaches

‘VIP Persons’ who have already completed the Laughter Yoga Leader Training – Professor of the University of Latvia Andris Brock, RTU Professor Guna Svence, healer Aldis Kevins, teacher of alternative health, healer – Juris Brants, businessman Arnis Mielenas and 50 other happy people. Apply now and guarantee your place, do not miss this opportunity !!!

As a certified laughter yoga leader, you will be able to run yoga classes at companies, schools, universities, community clubs, the elderly, people with special needs, medical institutions, fitness clubs, yoga centers and people you love, important in your life!

What will you get?

Support program for Young
Laughter Yoga leaders

Improves your skill in laughing with 3 coaching sessions (3x1h), 12 telephony (12x15min), e-mail support (12 months), Handbook of Laughter Yoga.

Laughter Yoga Leader Certificate

which will allow you to make money for livelihood by laughing in Latvia and 100 other countries.

Laughter Yoga subscription
for 1 year

visit free SIA "Smieklu Joga" events.

Bonus: Laughs over the phone

12x5min - Laugh and positively recharge all year round! HoHoHaHaHa

Laughter Yoga Leader Training


What will you get?
  1. Laughter Yoga Leader Certificate.
    The training is an accredited program of the Riga City Council’s ICSD.
  2. As a Certified Laughter Yoga Leader you will be able to run Laughter Yoga classes –  ssocial clubs, yoga and fitness studios, businesses, nursing homes, and more.
  3. Laughter Yoga subscription for 1 year ((12 training and 12 lessons)).
  4. Support program – improve your Laughter Yoga Leader ‘s Mastery with:
    3 full sessions (3 x 1h)
    12 telephony (12 x 15min.)
    12-month support via e-mail
  5. Laughter Yoga Hand Book In Latvian, where the Laughter Yoga is described step by step (page 130).
Bonus: Laughs over the phone – Laugh and positively recharge all year round (12 x 5min.)! HoHoHaHaHa
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