What's in the Laugh Yoga class?

Laughter Yoga class is led by a Laughter Yoga teacher who explains and gives commands to start and complete various Laughter Yoga exercises. Laughter Yoga exercises are performed in a light, pleasant, playful way. Laughter Yoga promotes childish playfulness, which helps to laugh amicably and naturally.

No previous experience is required, only the desire to laugh!

Classical Laughter Yoga classes consist of 5 stages:

1.Warming exercises with clapping hands.

Clapping with hands, wrist parallel to each other, fingers against fingers, stimulate acupuncture points in our hands to increase energy levels.

2.Deep breathing exercises.

Laughter exercises go through deep breathing exercises to help "rinse" your lungs and give you physical and mental relief.

3.Childish playfulness.

One of the main goals of Laughter Yoga is to develop childish playthings that help us laugh without a reason.

4.Laughter Yoga exercises.

Three Types of Laughter Yoga exercises:
1. Yoga-based - Obtained from yoga poses.
2. Playful, fun exercises
3. Value-based laughter exercises

5.Laughter meditation and relaxation.

Laughter during meditation - laughter embodies you and takes over all your substance. This is followed by a great sense of happiness and relaxation, calm for several hours. Lite for the whole day!

What will we do?

In the Laughter Yoga classes, we combine laugh exercises and yoga deep breathing techniques with stretching exercises and light aerobic movements. These exercises help deliver more oxygen to all body cells, tissues, organs and make you feel energetic and happy.

No previous experience is required, only the desire to laugh!

Laughter Yoga lessons


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